About Global Sinkhole Solutions

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When my project needed attention, Mr. Kight was there. He supervised the project personally to make sure that it not only met my standards, but exceeded them.

- K. Simms

Sinkhole Solutions
Our local, American made product solutions will not only remediate your structure, but lift up the local economy.


Helical piers are ideal for applications where there is a need to resist both tension and axial compression forces. Read More


Steel underpinning is an effective solution that takes the load of the foundation system off the soft soils and extends it... Read More


Compaction Grouting:
Compaction grouting can strengthen soil that is weak or has broken apart over many years. Read More


Injection Piers:
Injection piers utilize both the underpinning and the compaction grouting method. Read More


Chemical Grouting:
Chemical grouting is mainly used in areas where shallow sinkholes have formed . Read More

About Us


My name is Dean Kight. I am president and owner of Global Sinkhole Solutions Inc. If you are a potential client reading this information, I want to thank you for considering our company as your contractor.

I am a native Floridian, from Pasco County. I am also a third generation business owner in Florida. Growing up in Florida, I have seen a lot of changes take place. We have gone from citrus, mining, and fishing industries, to sprawling urban subdivisions. What use to be sandy hillside groves, are now shopping centers. What use to be a cypress swamp, is a housing development. When we go from trees to tons of concrete, something has to give; unfortunately it may be the ground under your house or business. That’s where Global Sinkhole Solutions expertise can help in solving your problems.

I have personally ran a successful construction business for over thirty years, along with several other business ventures. Business success secrets I learned from my father and grandfather, has carried us far in the industry. We thrive on good leadership, quality workmanship, top grade materials, and above all customer satisfaction.

G.S.S. begins by hiring well trained and qualified employees. They are schooled on the principal, that your house or business is to be treated as if it were their own. Surrounding your employees with good leader is a must. Our foremen are well informed on each project before starting. They study and discuss each area with the certified engineer overseeing the job.

Competent work is only accomplished with competent machinery. Our workers are equipped, and trained to use the latest state of the art equipment, ranging from drilling rigs, to hydraulic pinning machines. We have the best machines, the market has to offer.

Superior leadership, knowledgeable employees, top of the line equipment, equals

* First class job
* Satisfied customers
* Success for Global Sinkhole Solutions Inc.

I thank you, once more for your trust in our company and allowing us to work for you.

Sincerely Yours,
Dean Kight