Injection Piers

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Global did a fantastic job at one of my condo associations. I am still getting compliments from the residents on how friendly and professional the crew was when they were onsite. Keep up the great work."

- Denise T. Licensed Community Association Manager Brooksville, Fl

Sinkhole Solutions
Our local, American made product solutions will not only remediate your structure, but lift up the local economy.


Helical piers are ideal for applications where there is a need to resist both tension and axial compression forces. Read More


Steel underpinning is an effective solution that takes the load of the foundation system off the soft soils and extends it... Read More


Compaction Grouting:
Compaction grouting can strengthen soil that is weak or has broken apart over many years. Read More


Chemical Grouting:
Chemical grouting is mainly used in areas where shallow sinkholes have formed . Read More

imgGlobal Injection Piers
Made with pride from American Steel

Injection piers are perforated, structural steel piles designed to permanently transfer the load of a building to
limestone. The perforations act as grout injection points for the surrounding soil.

Once an injection pier is installed grout is pumped into the pin while under pressure, causing the mix to infiltrate the surrounding soils and rock, creating a compacted and sealed environment.

Injection piers are used to stabilize a structure, while compacting the surrounding soil and sealing the limestone layer. Piers can also adjust the elevation of a structure if determined by the engineer. Injection piers are in most cases installed every 6 feet around the a structure. They can also be installed inside to add additional support to load bearing walls or slabs.

Every injection pier installed by GSS, Inc. is backed with our 30 year, limited lifetime warranty.